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Project "SeparationsPietons" is a short-term research project funded by Agence Nationale de la Recherche française in the frame of its programme dedicated to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. It has also received partial funding from the French MODCOV group.

Plaza in front of train station


Outdoor market alley


Street in the Old Town of Lyon


Street in the Old Town of Lyon

Rhône riverbank walkway

July, 3rd 2020 between 4pm and 5pm
Sunny and windy day

Prise de vue réalisée depuis le pont Morand qui surplombe le Rhône, côté Est.

about 5.5m x 7.8m

Average density: 0.042 ped/m²


Institut Lumière Matière (CNRS & Univ. Lyon 1)

   Bât. Brillouin (4ème étage, 14-001)

   10 rue Ada Byron
   69622 Villeurbanne Cedex

Phone : (+33)